At Thought For Food Lifestyle, we are committed to changing the health paradigm.

Jackson Long and Aaron Stuber started Thought For Food Lifestyle by combining their own individual experiences and skills and transforming it into a multi-faceted, multimedia platform that’s accessible to everyone, no matter their specific interest: food, nutrition, athleticism–it’s all here at

Our goal is to go in depth on evidence-based nutrition and beyond to make living a healthy, compassionate and adventurous plant-based lifestyle practical for everyone. No dogma, no drama, just science. We also document the process of living an adventurous, purposeful, and healthy plant-based lifestyle on our YouTube channel, Thought For Food TV, to inspire and educate.

We are in the process of growing and expanding our services and our brand! We welcome your feedback, questions, and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to connect with us.

Go eat some plants.

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“I discovered these guys while searching for new food and nutrition podcasts, and after one episode, I felt like I was listening to two of “my people”. As a dedicated trail and (newly labeled) ultrarunner, and public health professional whose education background is evolutionary biology, discussing nutrition from an evidence-based, research citing perspective is my jam. And it’s these guy’ too! That being said, I feel that the episodes are applicable to people’s everyday lives, and the information is easy to understand whether you have a background in the subject matter, or you just want to understand how to eat a little healthier. The episodes are fun, interesting, and thought provoking. I look forward to enjoying future content and projects by Jackson & Aaron, and I am excited to see where TFF goes!”


“This is by far the most entertaining and informative podcast I have ever subscribed to. Jackson and Aaron manage to bring together the perfect blend of science and humor in every episode. As someone relatively new to the plant-based world, I’m especially thankful that they approached topics of the open mind and leave the judgment and dogma behind. I felt comfortable sharing this podcast my friends, even if they’re not begin. TFF takes an inside look on topics ranging from environmental concerns, food sustainability, personal growth, animal welfare, disease prevention, chakra balancing, epic dumps, and more! I’ve gone back and listen to every past episode (yes, even the random shows). Keep up the good work TFF team! I now have a new reason to look forward to Thursday.” -thereal.klove

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