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If you enjoy the free content we put it out nearly daily, from the podcast to the YouTube videos, and want to help support us, there are a few ways to do so! We want to continue to improve the quality and frequency of our content, and need a few pieces of equipment to do so, which is where all of the money from our support will go. Equipment upgrades in the form of improved podcast gear (like microphones and audio recorders), cameras, and even a drone potentially, are all things on our wish list that would take our content to the next level. Here are the different ways you can support TFF!


  • Drop us a review on the iTunes storeThis gets the podcast a bit more reach and awareness, and helps us grow and get into the ears of more people. 5-star recommended 😉
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  • Share our content with your friends and family!


Upgraded equipment and operating costs of TFF aren’t free, so if you want to be extra generous, you can donate to our cause. Be directly involved in the process of making a plant-based lifestyle approachable and fun for people. Help change paradigms. Make our content even better!

    • Patreon. Patreon is a type of crowdfunding where you get to support your favorite content creators by pledging a certain amount of money each month, and then get exclusive rewards depending on how much you give. This is a great way to get special TFF stuff and also help us monthly, even if it’s just $1. 
    • PayPal donation. If you want to make a one-time donation to Thought For Food, this is a great way to go. PayPal accepts most major credit cards and is as easy as clicking the donate button below.

Please note: All donations will be put directly back into TFF in the form of equipment upgrades and operating costs. This isn’t for Jackson and Aaron’s personal massage fund. Each dollar we make will be directly invested into this company to make our content even better. We seriously appreciate your support, in any way that is manageable for you.