Overtraining, Protein Needs, and Vitamin K2 | Q&A

It’s been a little (long) while since we’ve recorded a Q&A podcast for the public show. Typically, it’s an exclusive reward for our Patreon community, but I felt compelled to include some of the folks in our private Facebook group. Another solo round, Aaron is off in Indianapolis at the Lifestyle Medicine Conference about to take his board exam. Charge up your crystals and align your chakras, he’ll need all the help he can get!

In today’s Q&A, I answer questions ranging from my experience with overtraining and sickness, plant-based nutrition and autoimmune disease, are avocados vegan, and plenty more. Big thanks to everyone who sent in questions — it means a lot! Enjoy your week!


Some resources from today’s episode:

VeganHealth.org article on K2: https://veganhealth.org/vitamin-k/

Nutrition, Fasting, and Autoimmunity: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5862044/

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As we approach year two and 100 episodes of the podcast, we’ve been reflecting on the experience and where we want to go in 2018 and beyond. We’re at a bit of a crossroads — keep pushing on and plateau because of our life and work commitments, or see if we can really make TFF into the dream we envision? We would really really like to do the latter.

In order to that, we need your help. Thought For Food has always been, and always will be, community focused. We listen to our tribe and it’s clear that you want more frequent What’s The Deal episodes, more practical nutrition information, more merchandise, and then extending TFF into in-person camps and events. The problem is that we’re pretty much maxed out. Aaron has two young kids and a full time nursing job, and Jackson just took on a nearly full time job and is halfway through his graduate degree. In order to get to a place where TFF can continue growing and bringing you the quality of content you deserve, we need to bring in some income in order to sustainably keep doing this. A kickstart of sorts, to get us into a stable place monthly so we can launch into the next phase of TFF (especially since we will both be back in Boulder!).

So, enter Patreon. We’ve tried making it happen before but never really asked in a way like we are today. We truly are grateful for everyone that has contributed thus far, it’s helped us tremendously in our operating costs (such as media and website hosting, shirt purchasing, etc.). However, in order to spend the time we need to on TFF, we need to bring some personal income in to support this passion project, and we need the support from the tribe in a big way. If even a fraction of our listeners gave the equivalent of a latte each month ($60 a year), we could work full time on this. That’s absolutely insane to think about. Our 2018 goal is to reach $3000/month on Patreon, which we feel is achievable.

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-Jackson and Aaron

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Lachlan and Gus Morton on Transcending Cycling Through the Adventure of Thereabouts


Lachlan and Gus Morton are just absolute legends in the world of cycling. Not simply because of their racing palmares, or the fact that Lachlan is one of the most gifted climbers in the world right now. No, what’s so intriguing and inspiring about these two brothers is their philosophy towards cycling. On one hand, they are both professional bike riders, racing at the highest level of the sport. And on the other side, they ride around in flannel shirts and bucket hats through the Outback, or from Boulder to Moab. Their mindset is one of adventure, of passion, and of not taking yourself too seriously. That’s why they created their documentary film series, Thereabouts. Thereabouts is about getting out of your comfort zone via the bicycle as the vehicle. Riding insane terrain and distances, while seeking adventure and camaraderie, and meeting with the locals.

First, a little background. Lachlan and Gus are two brothers from Australia, who grew up and rose quickly through the sport of cycling after moving to Boulder, Colorado at a young age. Lachlan found early success as a junior, taking a top 5 overall finish at the professional race Tour of Utah at just 18 years old. He then eventually signed with the WorldTour team Garmin-Sharp before having a terrible season and struggling with motivation, nearly quitting the sport. Gus was a promising junior rider as well, and had a professional contract lined up before suddenly deciding to walk away from the sport and instead pursuing a career in film (and paving the way for Thereabouts). Lachlan needed to reignite his love of the sport and invited Gus to get back on his bike and ride across the Outback in Australia in a soul-searching pilgrimage which turned into the first Thereabouts film. This kickstarted both of them deciding to race again for a U.S. based pro team together, and Lachlan, along with Gus’ help, took the biggest win of his career at the 2016 Tour of Utah, winning the final stage and the overall victory.

Since then, the two brothers have produced two more films, one from Boulder to Moab, and the latest, exploring Colombia. I had the honor and privilege of sitting down with these guys for a really engaging and thoughtful conversation about:

  • The history and evolution of Thereabouts
  • Stories and laughs from their recent trip to Colombia
  • What the adventure aspect of cycling means to them
  • Lachlan’s rise and struggles within the sport
  • His recount of that final stage of the 2016 Tour of Utah
  • What they want to accomplish with Thereabouts
  • What they have learned about each other through this process
  • How they balance the fun and adventure with the professionalism and seriousness of racing
  • And more!

I’m incredibly proud of this conversation and think you will really enjoy it, whether you’re a cyclist or not. I want to extend a massive thank you to Lachlan and Gus for joining me on Thought For Food, it was a really great experience to sit down with these two. I highly recommend checking these guys out on Instagram as well as watching their films (links are below). Check out the first 15 minutes or so of the conversation which I recorded on my camera and is up on the YouTube channel, or right here:

If you enjoyed this episode, it would mean a lot if you shared it on social media or with your friends and family. I really want to get this conversation out there so it would help us out a ton! Thank you so much for listening to the podcast, and let me know what you think by sending an email to tfflifestyle@gmail.com.

Eat plants. Do epic shit.


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Thereabouts Reprise

Thereabouts 3: Discovering Colombia

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