John Pierre on the Pillars of Health and Movement Over Exercise


“Think good thoughts, do good deeds”

Sometimes you meet someone whose heart is just massive and you can’t comprehend the amount of service they’ve done for the world. John Pierre, or JP as he’s known, is one of those guys. From animal activism to being Ellen’s personal trainer, geriatric physical therapy to rescuing victims of sex trafficking, building an animal sanctuary from the ground up to teaching women’s self defense classes, JP does it all. In this episode, we dive into JP’s background plus all of this stuff and have a really stimulating conversation that will hopefully leave you with something valuable to bring into your own life. Some of the things you can look forward to in the conversation:

  • JP’s early adoption of a plant-based vegan diet and how that culture has shifted over time
  • Some stories from his work as a celebrity trainer working with people like Ellen Degeneres and Emily Deschanel
  • Why movement is more powerful than exercise
  • Why the three Pillars of Health are so important to living a healthy and happy life
  • How to integrate more functional habits into your life
  • And much more!

JP has become a friend of TFF and like we talk about in the beginning of the episode, was very integral in us starting a project like this. The three of us went on a long hike about a year ago and discussed how we could get more involved in the plant-based nutrition space, and here we are! We also have a really cool project in the works which involved JP and his new animal sanctuary, Living With Harmony, so stay tuned on that!

If you’re reading this post, you’re probably on our new website! Super super stoked about how it turned out and we hope you do too! It’s definitely a work in progress and isn’t finished yet, so we seriously value your feedback and criticisms to how everything is looking, and let us know if something is wrong!

Also let us know what you thought of the intro to today’s podcast. Did you find it too long? What did you think of the gratitude segment? We want to hear what you think and if you liked it. Thanks guys!

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Jackson has a passion for science and helping people improve their diets and lifestyle for the better. He holds a degree in Integrative Physiology and Public Health, a certification in Plant-Based Nutrition from eCornell, and is a graduate student in Applied Nutrition with an emphasis on chronic disease prevention.

With combined athletic experience of over 20 years in competitive sports, we add value beyond the academic. Aaron has a background in competitive rock climbing and has been a sponsored trail ultramarathon runner for the last four years. Jackson has raced at the highest amateur level in road cycling, competing at the national and international level.

We’re confident that we have the expertise and experience to provide safe, efficient and high value coaching to a variety of clientele who are looking to improve their health and take control of their lives. So whether you’re an athlete looking for ways to improve performance and get an edge on the competition, are wondering how to excel and thrive on a plant-based diet or just want to balance out your lifestyle with simple, no-nonsense solutions, look no further.

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Jackson and Aaron