Optimizing Epic Dump Frequency, Lowering Resting Heart Rate With Diet, and More! | Q&A 010


Listen on Google Play MusicLet’s face it. We love answering questions. We don’t claim to know everything, but we’re obsessed with trying to parse out some truths in science, nutrition, exercise, and beyond. This is why we started this podcast. And Q&A’s have always been an integral goal to helping us help the world. So behold! Q&A #10. We have started getting more questions than we can answer at one time, so we apologize if yours didn’t make the cut. We really appreciate everyone that provided questions, and we hope we answered them without being too obnoxious. There’s a lot of great stuff in here, including:

  • best foods and practices for preventing and managing osteoporosis and arthritis
  • how many epic dumps per day is optimal, and what foods lead to the most epic of the dumps?
  • how to talk to young kids about plant-based lifestyles
  • how did we get into exercise?
  • lots more!

Any relevant information or links will be linked below. We hope this episode helps you in some way, and makes you think of other questions to ask! If you want to ask a question, leave a comment on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), in our Facebook group, or by sending us an email to tfflifestyle@gmail.com. Bathe yourself in knowledge, nerds.

Thank you for listening, now go eat some plants.

-Jackson and Aaron

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Pulses for Your Pulse:


Epic dump frequency:


Rhonda Patrick:

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Eating Fat For Performance, Vegan Travel, and Food Combining | Q&A 007

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This week we answer listener questions on our seventh installment of the Q&A podcast. Questions addressed include:

  • which form of oats is healthiest?
  • what’s our take on intermittent fasting?
  • best practices for supplementation and how to trust supplement quality
  • are high fat plant foods unhealthy or do they hinder performance for athletes?
  • traveling abroad as a vegan and running in a foreign place
  • what’s the deal with food combining?
  • how plant-based nutrition affects type 1 diabetes
  • nutritional guidance for a high school plant-based athlete

Thank you to Miriam, Guy, Taylor, Emily, and Evan for the awesome questions! If you want a question featured on the show, send us an email to tfflifestyle@gmail.com

We are incredibly excited to be a part of the advisory board for Balanceda new non-profit organization that is dedicated to fighting for nutritional responsibility within corporations, hospitals, schools, businesses, and beyond and shifting towards an evidence-based framework within this system. Started by Audrey Sanchez in partnership with NutritionFacts.org, Balanced is brand new so go check them out on social media and their website, balanced.orgThey are @getbalancednow on Instagram and @getbalanced_now on Twitter. We are absolutely honored and thrilled to join legends like Dr. Michael Greger and Dr. Michelle McMacken on the advisory board, since we are so passionate about this mission. 

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Enjoy the show.

-Jackson and Aaron

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Show Notes

Resources mentioned:

Found My Fitness Podcast

Ray Cronise on Rich Roll Podcast

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