Sonya Looney on Ultra Mountain Bike Racing, Being Brave, and Plant-Powered Adventure

Listen on Google Play MusicBe brave. Do epic shit.

This is the mantra, the motto, the ethos of professional mountain bike racer, Sonya Looney. This week’s guest embodies the Thought For Food Lifestyle almost perfectly. Sonya not only rides bikes faster than most, she’s also a public speaker, podcaster, and plant-powered athlete. She’s a champion of overcoming fear, empowering others, and living a life of adventure. She’s raced all over the world, she’s won the 24 hour world championships, and given a TED talk. I have been inspired by Sonya for quite some time, so I was extremely grateful to get her on the show and sit down for an epic conversation!

We cover so much ground, including her background with mountain bike racing, getting comfortable with discomfort, her craziest experiences, plant-based nutrition while adventuring around the world, and more. Really psyched about this episode, so I hope you enjoy it. Definitely be sure to follow Sonya and subscribe to her new podcast!


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The Happiness Advantage

What The Health

How Not To Die

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