Transitioning to a Plant-Based Lifestyle

Unsure or intimidated by changing your diet and lifestyle to something healthy and sustainable? Feeling overwhelmed by the amount of information, documentaries, and conflicting research on nutrition? Thinking about switching to more plants? You’ve come to the right place. In today’s episode, Aaron and Jackson offer their best advice for transitioning to a plant-based lifestyle in an easily approachable manner. We answer a lot of common questions and concerns, and hope to have created a comprehensive yet basic guide to making this lifestyle change. Topics covered include:

How to approach the transition
The best books, documentaries, websites, and podcasts to refer to in your research
Brief tips on how to shop and approach nutrition
Some of our own struggles and how to deal with setbacks

There is so much information on this area, and there’s no way we could go into the detail we wanted on each topic. We will do many future episodes focused on a specific point. If we missed something, send us a question on the contact form on the website or via, we’d be happy to answer them on a future Q&A episode. If you think we’re super cool and are enjoying the show so far, please leave a review on iTunes, we’d really appreciate it!
Show Notes:
Books: Becoming Vegan, Idiots Guide to PBN, How Not To Die, Super Immunity, China Study, Eat To Live, Proteinaholic, Thrive, Finding Ultra, Eat and Run, Thrive Energy Cookbook, Thug Kitchen, Carbophobia, Low Carb Fraud
Documentaries: Forks Over Knives, Fat Sick and Nearly Dead, Cowspiracy, Vegucated, Earthlings, May I Be Frank, Racing Extinction
Rich Roll, No Meat Athlete, Plantriotic, The School of Greatness with Lewis Howes
Other resources:
Slaying The Protein Myth, Cowspiracy Facts, OhSheGlows, Minimalist Baker

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