Liz Specht on Connecting Science and Compassion

When science and compassion towards animals, the planet, and ourselves are aligned, beautiful things happen. The world is largely devoid of compassion in recent times, and our goal is to help change that.

Today's guest, Liz Specht, is a rockstar in the science world: A Ph. D. and Post-Doctoral researcher in Biochemical Engineering at the BioFrontiers program at CU Boulder. Her focus is on developing diagnostics for public health and environmental applications. Liz is also interested in the intersection of scientific research, public perception, and public policy. In addition to her research, she is pursuing a science policy graduate certificate through CU Boulder's Center for Science and Technology Policy Research. While Liz is not hard at work studying microorganisms and other crazy stuff in the lab, she’s an avid animal lover and activist, and an advocate for a plant based lifestyle for the welfare of animals, humans, and the planet. She's a super inspiring, passionate, compassionate, and engaging person that encompasses what TFF is all about. The science community needs more compassionate, open minds that are willing to take risks and break away from the status quo. We had a fantastic conversation that covered things like: 

How Liz became interested in science and eventually the connection between compassion and animals, and how that has impacted her career
What BioFrontiers is and her current research
How she approached her switch to a vegan lifestyle
Her thoughts on animal experimentation in the science community and how she navigates it in her own research
How to break the current paradigm of science iliteracy in this country, and change the public's perception of veganism and healthy lifestyles
Her take on GMOs

We hope you enjoy hearing from a high level academic who truly lives her values, we were honored to hang out with Liz and look forward to seeing where she goes!

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What's your thought for food?

-Aaron and Jackson

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