Jackson Foster on Plantriotic Productivity

Imagine filming, editing, and publishing a video chronicling your life…every single day. That's exactly what Jackson Foster of Plantriotic does, daily vlogging his everyday life in beautiful, extremely well crafted videos. Jackson is also a passionate animal rights and vegan activist, senior at Colorado College, a master potter, yoga teacher, and fellow podcaster. He's also a plant-based strength athlete, aspiring tattoo artist, and social media activist. Basically, this guy does more than the average twenty-something. He's a badass representative of the vegan movement, and is easily making the best videos on YouTube in the vegan vlog scene. Jackson has a huge personality that's filled with compassion and hard work, and we're proud to call him our friend. In the show we discuss:

Living the college lifestyle as a sober, passionate activist
How Jackson balances all of his commitments and his emphasis on productivity
A day in the life of the Plantriotic empire
Jackson's artistic outlets
Goals for his future and brand

This was a very lighthearted, fun conversation that hopefully inspires you work a little bit harder on your passions, regardless of what people think about it. We're really excited to continue collaborating with Jackson in the future as our brands grow, so definitely look forward to more action with Jackson!

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-Jackson and Aaron

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