Real Talk with Robin Part 2: Exercise Addiction


When does too much of a good thing become unhealthy?

Exercise is such a beneficial component of lifestyle; it’s incredibly healthy for physical and mental health. However, it often can become an obsession that can actually become a problem. In part 2 of the “Real Talk with Robin” series, we jump on this topic and take a look at our experiences with exercise addiction, and how we’ve found to manage it. Living in Boulder, Colorado, it’s common to see lots of extremely intense athletes that have very little balance when it comes to exercise. We are passionate here on Thought For Food for having conversations about how to look at exercise and nutrition critically. In this episode, we talk about:

Our own experiences with exercise and exercise addiction
When does too much exercise become unhealthy?
What it’s like to be an athlete and not compete, and how that shift can be difficult
How nutrition and exercise are linked, and the connection to eating disorders

This informal conversation brings up a lot of important thought processes around exercise, and hopefully helps you think about these topics in a new light. We hope you enjoy the episode, and definitely let us know what you think and ask us questions!

What’s your thought for food?

-Jackson and Aaron
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5280 Magazine: Dark Side of Fitness article

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