What’s the Deal With Soy?

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It’s been quite a while since our last in-depth, evidence-based, objective analysis of a specific topic related to nutrition. In our last installment of “What’s the Deal” we covered all things protein. If you haven’t listened to that one yet, we highly recommend you check it out. This time, we go deep into the oh so controversial bean known as soy. From internet bloggers claiming it causes man-boobs, to widespread fear about breast cancer, there seems to be a lot of misinformation and misconceptions about this food. Aaron and Jackson set out to address a few of the most common claims about soy in an objective, non biased manner to come to a pretty solid conclusion. Topics covered include:

  • What is soy in the first place?
  • Does soy increase your risk for hormone sensitive cancers?
  • Does soy cause gynecomastia and other feminizing effects in men?
  • Does soy cause hyperthyroidism?
  • Are phytates in soy to blame for mineral malabsorption?
  • What is soy’s effect on the environment?
  • Should YOU avoid soy products?

Both Jackson and Aaron get really excited to delve into the science, and Aaron did an insane amount of research through the primary peer-reviewed literature for this episode. So if there’s something you want more clarification on, we’ve put together a document of the resources and references sourced for this episode here: Soy references. And if there’s something we missed or needs more clarification, let us know! We’re really proud of how this one turned out, so it would mean a lot if you shared it with your friends and family. Our mission with this is to get the actual scientific evidence out to people to end the misinformation and false claims about soy once and for all. If you’re enjoying the show, it would help us out a ton if you could leave us an iTunes review from your computer! It helps us get higher up in the rankings and reach more listeners. Thanks guys! What’s your thought for food?

-Jackson and Aaron

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