Approaching a Minimalist Lifestyle

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We’ve recently been thinking a lot about minimizing things in our lives to live with more purpose and simplicity. Minimalism seems to be a pretty hot topic these days so we thought it would be fun to weigh in on the subject with our own experiences. Being a “minimalist” doesn’t just mean ditching all of your possessions and living off the grid, it’s about intention, mindfulness, and understanding what’s truly valuable in YOUR life.

It’s been a while since we were both together on the show with a topic episode, so hopefully you enjoy our conversation. We go into things like:

  • Why a plant based, vegan lifestyle is the best way to live in terms of minimalism
  • Our own current thoughts and goals for living more simply
  • How we approach minimalism in our own lives
  • Why Jackson wants to become a digital nomad
  • Our advice and tips for the listeners of the show

There are so many benefits to reducing clutter and stuff in your life, and we felt it was important to share our thoughts on the matter. Clearly, neither of us are experts or claim to have the best advice. But that’s what’s cool about this episode, it can start a conversation and help us (as well as you) lean more towards approaching this kind of lifestyle. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.

-Jackson and Aaron

Show Notes:

The Minimalists website

Specific Minimalist podcast episode we were talking about

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