Liz Specht on Creating Good Food with Science and Innovation

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Imagine creating a product that tastes, smells, cooks, and feels exactly like a hamburger, but without the animal involved in the equation. Which would you choose? The product based in suffering, exploitation, environmental inefficiency, and disease-causing effects, or the plant-based alternative?

This is where today’s return guest to TFF, Liz Specht, comes in. Last time we spoke on the show (Listen to episode 11), Liz was working as a post-doctoral researcher in the BioFrontiers lab at the University of Colorado Boulder, and hoping to combine her skills in the laboratory with her passion for plant-based foods and animal rights. After she was recently hired as senior scientist at the Good Food Institute, we just had to have her on again to talk science, food tech, and the future of food. The Good Food Institute is a non profit organization that seeks to support, financially and educationally, startup companies in the plant-based food world to be more competitive in the market. Like the plant-based milk alternative sector, which has grown immensely, there are new and exciting products coming to the market that are going to change the game for the planet, for animals, and for our health in big ways. GFI is at the forefront by putting together a superhero team of scientists, lawyers, and businessmen to change the paradigm from all aspects of food tech. Liz is brand new to the team and it was so amazing to hear about what they have planned. We won’t spoil too much of the episode, but some of the things we discuss include:

  • What Liz’s role at GFI include
  • How GFI is working to change paradigms
  • Some of the exciting and upcoming plant-based food products
  • What it’s like being involved in the plant-based food tech sector

We were extremely honored to have Liz back on the show before she starts her trip around the country as a digital nomad living out of a pimped out trailer. We can’t wait to see where her and GFI end up! (Saving the world is high on their to-do list).

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Go eat some plants, and what’s your thought for food?

-Aaron and Jackson

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