Redefining Masculinity In The 21st Century

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This is an episode we’ve wanted to record for a long time, and we hope to continue and expand on this conversation further. As two vegan dudes, we feel a responsibility to stimulate a dialogue among men regarding the masculine ideal in the 21st century as it relates to diet, lifestyle, and health. We believe that the masculine ideal needs a makeover, and should be focused on protection, compassion, and strength over dominance, power, and aggressiveness.

In today’s show, we talk:

  • The definition of masculine
  • How the masculine ideal relates to diet and lifestyle
  • Examples of masculine pressures
  • Why compassion, vulnerability, and protection should have a higher priority in the masculine ideal
  • And more!

What do you think? How should masculinity be shifted in today’s world? Does being vegan increase or decrease your masculinity? Girls: what do you look for in a man? Let us know!

Thanks for listening, go eat some plants, and what’s your thought for food?

-Jackson and Aaron

Show Notes:

Masculinity NPR piece:

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