Our Experience With Exercise Addiction


In this episode, we go deep on a pretty serious subject: exercise addiction. Both of us have struggled significantly with this problem and wanted to discuss it on the podcast. It’s something we’ve recently gotten some questions about so we felt compelled to share our thoughts on the subject. Jackson talked with his then girlfriend Robin about this on a previous episode, but Aaron wasn’t there. We are both working super hard to find balance in our exercise routines and really come to a place of sustainable training. Just a quick warning though: for those of you very sensitive to topics like this, the things we discuss could be potentially triggering for you. So if you feel worried about that, don’t listen. We don’t want this to stimulate any negativity, we simply wanted to share our own experiences. We talk about each of our pasts with exercise addiction, and then some of our best tips for working towards managing it. We would love to hear your feedback on the subject, so please send us an email at tfflifestyle@gmail.com if you want to discuss!

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-Jackson and Aaron

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Episode 017: Real Talk with Robin on Exercise Addiction

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4 Replies to “Our Experience With Exercise Addiction”

  1. Hey guys,
    Thanks for that exercize addiction podcast. I could definitely relate to some of the things that you guys were talking about–especially because I am an elite cyclist and I could draw many parallels between Jackson’s journey and my own. Definitely made me be more self aware of my habits and reflect on my past actions.

  2. Hey,
    I’m a bike courier, and my hobbies include Crossfit and climbing, I’m a ski instructor in the winter, and uhh, I may be an exercise addict…

    Found this a really useful listen. My wife hates Friday nights because I go off to learn to swim, we fell out about that again today. I was pretty defensive ‘hey, I wanna be able to swim in the pool with our kids!’, but actually I think I need to do some self-reflection. The podcast was a good way to begin (though I listened on a courier shift…)

    1. Thanks man! Glad you enjoyed. Keep thinking about it, you’re already halfway there if you’re aware of your struggle. It’s an ongoing process! Highly recommend listening to our episode with Dr. Kristin Keim, we go into more depth on this subject.

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