Sandi Nypaver and Sage Canaday on Athlete Empowerment, Listening to the Body, and Female Body Image


Super super excited to share today’s episode with you. Professional plant-based ultrarunner Sage Canaday returns to TFF along with his incredibly talented girlfriend, coach, and esteemed ultrarunner, Sandi Nypaver! Sandi and Sage are the dynamic duo, power couple of the ultrarunning scene so it was an honor to have them both on the show. Sandi is a USATF and Lydiard certified running coach, certified in Plant-Based Nutrition from eCornell, and the winner of many races from 5 miles to 100 miles. Sage is a professional ultrarunner for Hoka One One and has won many big races including Speedgoat 50k, World Long Distance Running Championships, and the North Face Endurance 50 Mile Championships. He also has a marathon PR of 2:16 (cray cray) and is the host of the enormously popular and helpful YouTube channel, Vo2maxproductions. Sandi and Sage have started a coaching business called Sage Running, and also very recently started a podcast called Sage Running, which you can find on iTunes and their website,

In the episode, we talk about:

  • their respective seasons and lessons learned
  • athlete empowerment
  • running nutrition
  • how Sandi became passionate about plant-based nutrition
  • listening to the body and avoiding overtraining
  • female body image issues
  • answering listener questions
  • and more!

We hope you enjoy hearing from these two talented and thoughtful athletes, it was such a pleasure to sit down with them!

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Alright guys, enjoy the interview and the rest of your week, go eat some plants, and what’s your thought for food?

-Jackson and Aaron

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