Too Much Fiber for Athletes, Cricket Bars, and China Study Debunked? | Q&A 005


It’s time for another round of questions and answers. We absolutely love the format of interacting with our audience and (attempting) to answer your questions! This one was really fun. We talked about a wide range of topics, including questions like:

  • What are some low-fiber options for athletes experiencing GI distress?
  • Was the China Study debunked?
  • What’s your opinion on eating cricket bars?
  • Thoughts on nursing as a vegan?
  • And more!

The focus on this episode was interestingly GI issues, flatulence, and fiber. All important topics for plant-based people. We get into a lot of helpful conversation, and thank you to everyone that asked questions! If you want to get your question answered on the show, don’t be afraid to send us an email.

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Enjoy the show and go eat some plants.

-Jackson and Aaron

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