Kip Andersen & Keegan Kuhn on What The Health is Wrong With Our Food System?

After their smashing success with the widely popular documentary, Cowspiracy, Kip and Keegan are back with a new film called What The Health. What The Health is essentially focused on uncovering the corruption and backwards policies that make up our current healthcare paradigm, including how its designed to treat disease symptoms rather than focus on prevention, work in the favor of industry, and how organizations like the American Heart Association are in the back pocket of animal agriculture industries. This dynamic duo – Keegan the filmmaker and Kip the star – have created these two films in an effort to open the public’s eyes regarding how and where our food comes from, and the startling implications that entails. We sat down in Berkeley, California for a fantastic conversation, covering:

  • Kip and Keegan’s background and how they developed a love for filmmaking and plant-based living
  • Update on Cowspiracy and their experience of going on Joe Rogan’s podcast
  • All things What The Health – favorite moments, difficulties, and what we should do now
  • Their workflow and process of making these films
  • Kip’s experience of training for an Ironman in about 3 months
  • Their opinion on clean meat technology
  • Rapid fire questions to get to know these guys a bit more

I had the opportunity to see What The Health’s screening in San Francisco a few days before this interview, and really enjoyed it. It was chock-full of evidence-based nutrition science, shocking truths about our healthcare system, and funny and entertaining moments. I truly believe that this documentary will have a significant impact on how the public perceives plant-based nutrition as a means for preventing and reversing disease and will hopefully stimulate a conversation about how we can make a difference as individuals. As of now (March 16th) the film is available to watch at so please go watch it and share with your friends and family (ESPECIALLY those who aren’t tuned into nutrition or health)! During the first four days of the film’s release online, half of the proceeds are being donated to Food Not Bombs, so it’s a great cause to support along with an amazing documentary! Huge thanks to Kip and Keegan for stopping by and joining me on the podcast, I had a blast and it was an honor to sit down with them for a conversation. Hope you enjoy the episode, and tell us what you think over on social media! Go eat some plants, and do epic shit. 



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