Ian & Cherie Moore on Growing Up Vegan in a Non-Vegan World

The plant-based and vegan lifestyle is currently trending. From awareness about the benefits of living a plant-based lifestyle for ethical, environmental, and health reasons to the availability of vegan products, there’s no doubt that this movement is booming. Yet, most people don’t become vegan until later in their lives if at all, and most people still probably believe that you can’t do it as a kid or especially from birth. Well, today I’m joined by my good friend Ian Moore and his mom Cherie, to talk about his experience being born and raised on a completely plant-based, vegan diet. Yup, Ian is almost 23 and has never eaten animal products, and is also a high-level road cyclist. It still blows my mind. His mom went vegan at the age of 18 and has never looked back, setting a world record in the tandem ride across America and becoming a nutrition teacher at Cuesta College in the process. These two have some fantastic stories to tell and advice to share about living a healthy plant-based lifestyle, and we talk about:

  • Cherie’s shift to a plant-based lifestyle while going to school in Hawaii
  • What it was like raising a kid on a vegan diet
  • Ian’s experience growing up socially as a vegan
  • How to thrive as an athlete while eating only plants
  • And plenty more

This was a super fun conversation, and it has been great to stay with these guys for part of my time in CA. I’m embarking on an epic plant-fueled cycling adventure this summer in Europe with Ian which will be amazing, so plenty more to come from Ian the Vegan. Go follow him on Instagram @igmoore to check out life as a vegan cyclist, and look out for his vlog dropping soon!

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Hopefully this conversation gives you some insight into how simple and effective eating plants can be, at any point in the lifespan. From newborns to elite athletes, plants are the answer. So go eat some plants, and do some epic shit.


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