Audrey Sanchez is Fighting For Healthy Food With Balanced

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This week on the show, we are incredibly excited to share our conversation with Audrey Sanchez, Executive Director of a new non-profit organization called Balanced ( that was started in collaboration with Balanced is dedicated to fighting for responsibility in the food system by demanding schools, hospitals, corporations, and beyond follow the latest scientific research to provide healthier food alternatives. With lifestyle related diseases like heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and cancer crippling our healthcare system and leading to enormous costs and suffering being incurred, action must be taken to follow the latest evidence and remove unhealthy foods from these large organizations. With Audrey’s background as an educator, animal rights activist, and parent, she is well poised to take on this antiquated system and move to make the healthier food choice more accessible – a limiting factor for eating well. Universities, hospitals, schools, and businesses have the opportunity to take a step forward and make a meaningful and lasting impact on the health of our society. We’re incredibly excited to be teaming up with Balanced in this fight as members of their Advisory Board, alongside big names like Dr. Michael Greger, Matt Ruscigno, Dr. Michelle McMacken, and Pamela Fergusson in order to address these issues with SCIENCE!

Balanced is brand new at only a few weeks old, so we felt compelled to have Audrey come on the show to share what the organizations goals are, some of their strategies, how you can get involved, and more. Be sure to follow Balanced on social media and join their mailing list to stay up to date and stay involved with the mission. We’re super excited to see how they will grow and impact our healthcare system. Enjoy the show!

-Jackson and Aaron

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