Matt Frazier on Making Plant-Based Simple for Athletes with the No Meat Athlete Cookbook

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This week on the show we talk to Matt Frazier of the popular vegan/running blog, No Meat Athlete. No Meat Athlete, for those of you that are unaware, has been around almost a decade, and has since evolved into a podcast, a meal plan service, various products, and now a brand new cookbook. NMA, composed of both Matt and TFF podcast alumni, Doug Hay, is a tremendous resource for the plant-based athlete. From running and general exercise tips, nutrition information, and more, NMA is essential reading for any athlete thinking about eating more plants. Matt just released an amazing new cookbook, titled The No Meat Athlete Cookbook which has been a smashing success already, reaching the top 50 overall books on both Barnes & Noble and Amazon. That’s pretty crazy, not only for NMA but for the plant-based movement in general! The focus of the book is simple, practical, and delicious whole food plant-based recipes for athletes. Meals that are both nourishing and satiating, while at the same time incredibly easy to make. We can’t wait to get our hands on it! 

We talk with Matt about:

  • the current state of No Meat Athlete
  • his plans for growth of the company and future goals
  • biggest challenges of growing an online business
  • his math background and how that fits into his future
  • all things No Meat Athlete Cookbook
  • his new supplement company called Lightdrop and why it’s different than traditional supplement companies
  • and more!

Definitely be sure to check out No Meat Athlete and their podcast, and pick up the new book. We hope you enjoy the conversation!

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