Exercise Addiction Update

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A while back on the show, we talked about our struggles with exercise addiction, a problem that is very common among athletes and health/fitness community. We shared our experiences with this topic, and tried to unpack how to better balance life with exercise. We recommend you go back and listen to that episode before diving into this one if you haven’t already. 

Today, we revisit this realm and check in with each other about where we’re at in terms of exercise addiction. We discuss what our respective routines look like now, the difference between training to maintain and training for a specific event (like Jackson’s upcoming Vegan Alpletic adventure), and finally some updated tips and advice for preventing and addressing this problem. We’ve seen this pop up a lot in people within the plant-based community, and have had a lot of you reach out with your concerns and experiences, which is really inspiring. We want to stimulate a conversation among athletes to hopefully find a better relationship with exercise and food and lifestyle, and it doesn’t end with us. So please reach out with any suggestions, comments, concerns, or whatever you feel would add to the conversation by shooting us an email to tfflifestyle@gmail.com.

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-Jackson and Aaron

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Show Notes

Our Experience With Exercise Addiction

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