Clean Meat & Plant-Based Food Tech 101 with Christie Lagally

Listen on Google Play MusicIf you’ve been following the podcast for a while, you know we’re big fans of the idea of using a combo of education and market-based solutions to end factory farming and shift towards eating a more healthy, compassionate, and sustainable diet. We’re also extremely fascinated with the idea of ‘clean meat,’ which is meat created by growing animal cells in a lab to absolutely transform the agricultural system. The Good Food Institute is on the cutting edge of supporting the burgeoning plant-based and clean meat food tech industries. Their mission is to create a more healthy, humane, and sustainable food system and to end factory farming by 2050. We like that goal.

For more on the Good Food Institute itself, definitely go back and listen to our episode with Liz Specht (episode 31) and Emily Byrd (episode 63) or visit This week on the podcast, Jackson sits down with Christie Lagally, senior scientist at GFI, to talk all things clean meat. Clean meat is such a new idea and even newer technology, so there are a lot of questions. We thought it would be helpful for people to get a sort of “clean meat 101” primer episode and talk to Christie, who is an expert in this field. As someone who works directly with the companies starting in this space, Christie is seeing first hand where this is currently, and where it’s going. You may have heard about the deal involving Bill Gates, Richard Branson, and other investors bringing $17 million to the clean meat company Memphis Meats, which is huge. This technology quite literally has the potential to change the world.

Christie drops some knowledge on all things clean and plant-based meat, including:

  • the use of fetal bovine serum in clean meat technology
  • the current status and future of this industry
  • the process of how this technology works
  • plant-based food tech innovation
  • a discussion about the new plant-based class at UC Berkeley that Christie designed
  • plenty more!

Hopefully this episode gives you a stronger, more in depth understanding of market based innovation and its place in ending our reliance on factory farming, or gave you something brand new to think about. We believe this is such an important piece of the puzzle for solving the problems of animal welfare, climate change, and human health. It’s a pretty in depth episode, so bust out that notebook and take notes! Huge thank you to Christie and GFI for the work they are doing and for joining us on the show.


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Show Notes

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Companies mentioned:

Memphis Meats

Hampton Creek

Beyond Meat

Impossible Foods

Field Roast

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