Why You Should Stop Working Out

Listen on Google Play MusicHere in the West, we live within a culture that emphasizes certain body types, #fitnessgoals, and if you’re ain’t first, you’re last. Working out, exercise, and fitness are a means to an end – weight loss and muscle gain. We say f*ck that. Sure, weight loss and improved health can be added bonuses from exercise, among a myriad of other benefits, but here at Thought For Food, one of our goals is to shift the mindset away from exercise as a chore and towards a fulfilling and enjoyable experience. This is all about perspective, though. “Exercise” is a huge part of both our lives, and we’ve both been those performance and results obsessed freaks. We still struggle with exercise addiction. Finding a healthy relationship with exercise is all about understanding when to go deep when needed and when to chill when it’s time. Finding something that you love doing, and that allows for a sense of fulfillment and adventure. Because exercise is supposed to feel good (okay, maybe not always). It’s supposed to be something you look forward to, not dread. So, for those of you looking to begin an exercise routine and establish positive and healthy habits, or maybe you’re a veteran that wants to reconnect with why you started in the first place, this episode is for you. We hope this helps you rethink what exercise means to you, and it’s helpful for us to discuss these issues. It’s a process that we are going through as well. So, go outside, move your body, do epic shit, and enjoy the journey. Because if you don’t, then what’s the point?

-Jackson and Aaron

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Exercise Physiology: Theory and Application to Fitness and Performance, Powers & Howley


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