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Listen on Google Play MusicOur only goal with this podcast is progress over perfection. Making improvements over the course of time to learn, experiment, and create a show that we are deeply proud of. We want to make an impact on the world through education and inspiration surrounding the Thought For Food Lifestyle. Of course, we have to listen to ourselves and understand what we like and dislike about the podcast, but we also need external input and feedback to make this happen. So, we created a podcast survey that covered the main questions we wanted answered by our listeners, and you delivered! We had 126 responses, which is significantly more than we were expecting. We’re incredibly thankful for everyone that participated in helping us in the future of TFF and have a say in how we’re going to change the podcast.

We decided it might be helpful for listeners to go over the results and discuss how we’re going to implement these changes to better improve the podcast. So in this episode, we sit down and go through the main takeaways of each question posed in the survey, and then finish with how we plan on changing things. This podcast has become so much more than a fun side project, it’s very much our passion and we hope to make it something really, really great. We also hope you’ll continue providing feedback and criticism so we can continue evolving. It’s pretty amazing to see how much we’ve changed and improved since the beginning of this project. THANK YOU! Enjoy the show.

-Jackson and Aaron

Show Notes

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