Cycling 101: Gear, Mechanics, Training, and Nutrition

Listen on Google Play MusicI have been riding road bikes for half of my time on this planet. It’s so deeply intertwined with my day to day life that it’s almost second nature to me. It has brought so many amazing experiences and relationships from riding the highest paved road in North America to riding with my friends Gruff and Ian in the Alps, and I want you to experience that sensation in your own life. We recently did a podcast about exercise and redefining our relationship to it, and discussed how we want to go more in depth on specific sports that we have expertise with. From the gear to nutrition, I felt like it would be helpful for everyone interested in the sport of cycling to hear more specifics on how to do it – a sort of Cycling 101 class. For beginners and experts alike, there’s a ton of great information in here, as well as a special surprise from Vegan Athletic Apparel ;). I covered a lot, and hope it’s helpful! If I missed anything you were hoping I’d cover, please shoot me an email to, and be sure to hop in the Thought For Food Club Facebook group to continue the conversation.

Aaron is taking the rest of November off of the podcast to recharge, disconnect, and focus on his family, so the podcast will be much more boring. He’ll be back though!

Interested in the oh-so sexy and functionally high-quality Vegan Athletic Apparel? They have offered up listeners of this podcast 15% off your order through December 31st by using discount code “TFF” at checkout. Their new winter line is absolutely EPIC, and I can confidently say that this is my favorite kit I’ve worn. Snatch up this deal, folks. Visit to learn more.

I will be in Los Angeles from November 17th-27th and will most likely be bringing my bike. If you’re in the area, let’s play bikes. I will also be at Circle V on the 18th so hope to see you there! 

Alrighty. Let’s go for a ride.


Show Notes



Giant Bicycles



Why I Bought a Gravel Bike

My Saddle

Vegan Athletic Apparel




Global Cycling Network

How to Clean Your Bike




Strava Club




Skratch Labs

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