The Cycling-Fueled Spiritual Quest of Jackson Foster

Listen on Google Play MusicJackson Foster is on an epic cycling-fueled spiritual quest from Alaska to South America (and beyond). After taking the plunge as a full on minimalist digital nomad, Jackson has simplified his life to the bare necessities — carrying everything he owns and needs on his touring bike, including his entire vlogging setup. Yep, he’s daily vlogging his experience from the road, sharing the insane beauty of his journey and the people he’s met. As a result, he’s had a lot of time to think and reflect, and has a lot of amazing stories and spiritual philosophies to share.

I caught up with Jackson for the second time on this show while he was in Oregon, on his way south from Alaska. We talk about his bike setup, crazy stories from the road, what he’s been eating to fuel himself, and then get deep on greater philosophy and spirituality as it relates to things like “do epic shit” and lifestyle design. It was one of the best conversations we’ve had, so really excited to share it with you. Be sure to follow Jackson’s adventure over on his YouTube channel, Plantriotic.


I will be in Los Angeles for the upcoming Circle V event and co-hosting a run/yoga/food/nutrition talk in Santa Monica/Venice this Sunday, November 19th. Hope to see you there!

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