How To Survive Thanksgiving

Listen on Google Play MusicLet’s face it. Thanksgiving is a pretty tough holiday to navigate for us on vegan/plant-based diets. With family coming together and often being the outsider when it comes to diet on the holiday focused on gluttony of eating animal products and other unhealthy foods, it can be intimidating to maintain your routine and confidence. It doesn’t have to be this way, though. This week on the show, we discuss our best tips for overcoming mainly the social struggles of Thanksgiving for the plant-based person, but also touch on the food side and our advice for navigating the Thanksgiving holiday (but it applies to any holiday as well for the most part).

As controversial and gluttonous as Thanksgiving can be, it’s incredibly important to remember the underlying theme, which is to be grateful and thankful for the amazing things we have. To spend time with family and break bread together, sharing stories and laughter. We are grateful for you. For your support, your time, and your shared passion to make the world a better place, so thank you! Keep doing your thing, set an example, and be chill this Thursday. Happy holidays, y’all!

-Aaron and Jackson

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