Slip Into Our Genes: Analyzing Ancestry and Genetic Polymorphisms

Listen on Google Play MusicWe’ve both been big fans of Dr. Rhonda Patrick’s nutrition science podcast, Found My Fitness, for some time now. She’s insanely intelligent, and brings on guests from all spectrums of science. One of Dr. Patrick’s fascinations is genetics, and how specific variations within individual genes affect our disease risk and nutrient absorption and how that affects our healthspan, known as genetic polymorphisms. Of course, only about 20% of our general chronic disease risk is due to genes alone, and the other 80% or so is due to lifestyle (so things like diet, relationships, environment, and exercise). However, we believe it’s important to learn about and experiment on ourselves, and do whatever we possibly can to reduce the risk of dying from otherwise preventable means. And thrive as humans, maximizing our potential.

So, in true TFF fashion, we nerded out.

A few weeks ago, we each decided to take the basic 23andme ancestry test (pay $100, spit in a tube, send tube to lab for analysis) to sequence our genome. You can then take the raw genetic data and put it through a special software created by Dr. Patrick that looks at the various polymorphisms of relevance. We thought it would be a cool episode to discuss each of our results and what they mean, and just like we love to do, zoom in to zoom out. We discuss each of our ancestry data and the results of our genetic polymorphism testing in detail, and then have a more general conversation about how to interpret these findings.

We aren’t geneticists or doctors, and aren’t affiliated or sponsored by 23andMe or Dr. Patrick. We just think science is cool and learning about ourselves in a different way is also cool. Cool?

Hope you guys and gals enjoy the show!

-Jackson and Aaron

P.S: Here’s an interesting video from Dr. Patrick on this subject!

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