What’s The Deal With Thought For Food?

As we approach year two and 100 episodes of the podcast, we’ve been reflecting on the experience and where we want to go in 2018 and beyond. We’re at a bit of a crossroads — keep pushing on and plateau because of our life and work commitments, or see if we can really make TFF into the dream we envision? We would really really like to do the latter.

In order to that, we need your help. Thought For Food has always been, and always will be, community focused. We listen to our tribe and it’s clear that you want more frequent What’s The Deal episodes, more practical nutrition information, more merchandise, and then extending TFF into in-person camps and events. The problem is that we’re pretty much maxed out. Aaron has two young kids and a full time nursing job, and Jackson just took on a nearly full time job and is halfway through his graduate degree. In order to get to a place where TFF can continue growing and bringing you the quality of content you deserve, we need to bring in some income in order to sustainably keep doing this. A kickstart of sorts, to get us into a stable place monthly so we can launch into the next phase of TFF (especially since we will both be back in Boulder!).

So, enter Patreon. We’ve tried making it happen before but never really asked in a way like we are today. We truly are grateful for everyone that has contributed thus far, it’s helped us tremendously in our operating costs (such as media and website hosting, shirt purchasing, etc.). However, in order to spend the time we need to on TFF, we need to bring some personal income in to support this passion project, and we need the support from the tribe in a big way. If even a fraction of our listeners gave the equivalent of a latte each month ($60 a year), we could work full time on this. That’s absolutely insane to think about. Our 2018 goal is to reach $3000/month on Patreon, which we feel is achievable.

If you’re reading or listening to this, and TFF brings you valuable information or community, entertainment, or has impacted your life in some capacity, consider supporting our work. It would mean so much. In today’s episode of the podcast, we dive into the reasons behind this campaign, and what it means to us. Please check our our page here and we’re looking forward to an amazing year full of science and epic dumps. Thank you all for the support! Listen on Google Play Music




-Jackson and Aaron

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2 Replies to “What’s The Deal With Thought For Food?”

  1. Enjoyed the show, finger hovering over the subscribe button but you didn’t really answer the question as to “what you are going to do with the money”

    If you had the $1k each per month in hand, right now. What would you deliver for us as the audience & TFF as a business over the next 1,3,6 and 12 months etc ?

    1. Hey Joe!
      Thanks for listening and great question. Like we discussed in this episode (and previous episodes), our focus with the money is to free up time, since time is money, in order to create more content and launch bigger things. That $$ will allow the two of us to take more time away from our normal jobs and commitments to focus on building out the platform that is TFF, because we want to expand beyond the podcast. So think things like a coaching platform and online courses that are much more personalized and practical, in person camps and retreats, expanded merchandise store, and of course, more frequent podcasts and videos like What’s The Deal episodes and vlogs.

      And again, since this is a community driven support system, you also get to have a direct impact on what we create, so let us know! What do you want to see from us? What else would make your money worth investing into TFF? We are just trying to free up time in order to keep growing and creating meaningful content that helps people. We would definitely love to hear your thoughts.

      Jackson and Aaron

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