Our Favorite Books of 2017

Reading is cool. It helps you learn and stuff. We read a lot of awesome books in 2017 and wanted to share them with you so you can read them too. In a world of constant digital stimulation, reading is becoming a lost art. Let’s all read more in 2018. Let us know your favorite reads of the year! Thank you so very much to everyone who listened and supported TFF in 2017. Let’s make 2018 even more EPIC! Love you all.

-Jackson and Aaron

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Show Notes

Books Mentioned: 

  1. The Gift of Fear
  2. Lone Survivor
  3. Tools of Titans
  4. American Kingpin
  5. Never Split The Difference
  6. The Gene
  7. The Death of Expertise
  8. Homo Deus
  9. Everything You Need to Know About Climate Change
  10. Waking Up
  11. Ready Player One
  12. The Golden Compass
  13. The Unbearable Lightness of Being
  14. Sapiens
  15. Tribe of Mentors
  16. Braving the Wilderness
  17. Daring Greatly
  18. Leonardo Da Vinci
  19. The Moral Landscape
  20. The End of Faith
  21. Clean Meat


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