Nutrition Careers, BCAAs, Mindful Eating, and Vegan Dating | Patreon Q&A

This week is the first Patreon-exclusive episode of the podcast. We felt really compelled to start producing exclusive content for everyone that pledges their support on Patreon with $5 or more per month, so we can continue pushing forward with the show. These questions are from members of Patreon, and we think this is our best Q&A yet. It’s also our longest episode yet! But we dig into some really great questions and give very detailed and thoughtful responses, so we hope you enjoy! If you haven’t already, consider supporting our work on Patreon to gain access to exclusive content and make the show better. It means so much! Questions we cover include:

  • Should you eat whole plant sources of fat if you have cardiovascular disease?
  • What options are there for careers in nutrition?
  • Evidence based perspective on distilled water?
  • Thoughts on BCAA supplements?
  • Important insights into key vitamin supplementation for vegans
  • target amount of protein for gaining muscle?
  • What’s the deal with vegan dating?
  • How to ride bikes in large cities?
  • and more!

Again, to listen to the full episode, you must be a supporter on Patreon, so click the photo above to sign into TFF’s Patreon page and download the episode. Enjoy the show!

-Jackson and Aaron

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