The Ultimate Guide to Transitioning to a Plant-Based Diet: Part 1

When we first started our transition to a plant-based lifestyle, we wish there was a comprehensive guide, grounded in reason and logic, to help with understanding the why’s and how’s of eating and living this way. Without a proper understanding of both the theoretical and practical frameworks for a specific behavior change, it’s going to be difficult to catalyze a sustainable, long term shift in dietary or lifestyle behavior. 100 episodes later, we’ve decided to remaster our 3rd ever episode and break it into two parts to help you or your friends and family move towards a healthier, compassionate, and sustainable lifestyle. This is our attempt at that guide.

This week, it’s all about the zoomed out, theoretical perspective. Why should we eat a plant-based diet? We draw upon discussions surrounding the “three pillars” of veganism, which are health, ethics/morality, and environment. We dive deep into specific studies, data, and arguments for why we should eat as many plants as possible to give you the basis for making this change. Know your why. We discuss the basics and essentials of these three pillars to paint the picture of why a plant-based diet matters. Next week, we’ll dive into the practical, HOW to do the plant-based thing. We hope this helps you and your network find ease and confidence in centering your diet around plants, for our health, the health of animals, and our planet. Definitely check out the show notes to go deeper into the science and data!

-Jackson and Aaron

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Show Notes:


AND Position Statement:

Plant-Based Diets: A Physician’s Guide

Plant-Based Nutrition: An Idiot’s Guide 2E

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