Welcome to Fiber February

If you’re a regular listener and follower of TFF, then you’ll know how much we’re obsessed with plants, fiber, and gut health, and how all three of those things work in perfect synchronicity to create epic, blissful, bowel movements.

We wanted to create a podcast and social media campaign that brings awareness to the importance and connection between health and fiber and plant foods, and of course taking epic dumps. It can seem like a big middle school level poop joke, but we’re dead serious about this topic and we’re tired of the anti-poop epidemic that is sweeping the Western world. We want to make pooping great again.

So in this episode, we introduce the campaign and talk about what you can expect and how you can get involved. What the point of all of this is. And how we can implement it in our actual lives.

So listen up! And prepare to hear a lot about poop and plants this month.

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-Jackson and Aaron

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