Plant-Based and Clean Meat: State of the Union with Dr. Liz Specht

Back for round 3, our dear friend Liz Specht of the Good Food Institute returns to the podcast for another fantastic conversation. As a senior scientist for GFI, she is in the trenches of nearly every aspect of the plant-based and clean meat food industries to support their development and awareness. We first talked to Liz in the very early days of the show, before she was even involved in this space, and then again when she had just started with GFI. Today, we talk about the crazy world of food tech, meat science, venture capital, and why she loves talking to meat industry executives. This is essentially the State of the Union when it comes to plant-based food and clean meat.

If you haven’t already, be sure to listen to our first two episodes with Liz, as we jump straight into things pretty quickly here without giving much context to her background as we discuss that at length in the last two episodes. You can find her first episode here and her second one here. We hope you enjoy this conversation!

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Thanks for listening everyone.

-Jackson and Aaron

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