Life in the Pro Peloton with Abby Mickey and Toms Skujiņš

The world’s most adorable pro cycling power couple joins the TFF podcast for a fireside chat about all things life in the pro peloton. Training, eating, and living the pro cycling dream. Abby Mickey is a women’s professional cyclist for the Rally Pro Cycling Team, and her partner, Toms Skujiņš (who’s been a previous guest of the show) are two friends of Jackson’s and both amazing humans on and off the bike. This conversation was recorded fresh off of Toms recent win at the Amgen Tour of California, where he soloed to victory almost a year after a harrowing crash at the same race. Listen in to hear about their goals for the season and how they are preparing (hint: it includes lots of sweet potatoes and salad).


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Show Notes

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Abby: @abimickey on Twitter and Instagram

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