Heart Disease and Hard Ons with Dr. Joel Kahn

This week, we’re honored to be graced with the legend of cardiology, Dr. Joel Kahn. Dr. Kahn is an integrative cardiologist that decided to adopt a plant-based diet after looking into the research and connections between nutrition and disease, and has never looked back. He focuses now on education; Joel is the author of several books including his latest The Plant-Based Solution. We talk about the main pillars for why a plant-based diet is the way to go for preventing disease, dive deep into heart health, and yes, boners. We hope this conversation teaches you a thing or two!

-Jackson and Aaron

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Show Notes

Connect with Dr. Kahn:

The Plant-Based Solution: https://www.amazon.com/Plant-Based-Solution-Americas-Healthy-Health/dp/1622038614

Dr. Kahn’s website: https://drjoelkahn.com/

Instagram: http://instagram.com/drjkahn

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